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Writing as a penpal

I've had pen friends since my teenage years. With some I write thick long letters, with others a little shorter stories. Sometimes there is more than a month between the letters, sometimes we send each other something almost every week. And I even have pen friends that I also see in real life and then have just as much to talk about as in the letters we write.

I really like having penpals.

In one of those letters a pen friend wrote: "your blog also reads a bit like a letter." Well, I didn't realize that, but I actually think it's a very beautiful thing. What if my blogs have the intention of writing a letter? A letter to you about how my letters are doing. With this intention it could just be that I write blogs on regular basis. Every time I share something with you about my journey with my goals for 2020. How wonderful is that?

One of my goals is publishing an e-book. What if I also write that story as if the reader were my pen friend?

Penpals do not mind if there is a language error, read between the lines or ask questions if they do not understand something. It's a delayed conversation actually. And there is mutual respect for each other's attitude to life. I never had the idea that I had to perform for a penpal.

If I look at writing in this way, writing is less demanding. It has fewer demands and more liberties. It removes blockages, as it were.

So this is my writing intention from now on:

write as if I have a story to tell you.

So sometimes you will read about my goals and how everything is going. And I like to write little stories, imaginary tales that flutter around in my head...

What do you prefer at the moment? Updates of a little storytelling?

On to a new blog every Friday!

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