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Why you should read Untamed right now

There I am, at home with two children. Now that we have a bit of a rhythm thanks to day rhythm cards, ideas from other colleagues and the internet, there is also time to read again. Every day I read during my lunch, 30 pages or more.

When I saw Glennon Doyle launch a new book, I knew I wanted to read it. I have also read her two previous books ( Carry on, Worrior and Love Worrior) and knew that her story didn’t end there. Her love for herself had taken a new step, which meant new insights and new stories.

While her first book covered the stories of how she regained her self-love after she quit drinking and drug use, her second book was about how she practiced selflove while her marriage was under severe strain.

In this book Untamed, she wonders if it was self-love or something else, because she now chooses herself again. This time a bigger and more difficult choice. She finds out who she actually was all this time. To fully express this, she will not only have to turn her own world upside down, but also that of everyone around her. She chooses not to deny herself. She is wold and brave. This takes courage. Courage to feel her feelings, including the difficult ones, because only these can transform. She calls me to also feel my feelings.

It is a book for today because, retired to our own homes, we are confronted with what we feel. We are confronted with what we always did and how it no longer works. We are confronted with our humanity and how badly we need each other. And maybe you, like me, are also confronted with your mental well-being now that you sit on someone else's lip so much. We all want to transform in a better version of ourselfs.

Glennon suggests connecting with our Knowing, our intuition and inner wisdom. She writes about bravery, bias and privilege, integrity, parenting. Glennon writes how we can do the hard things, and that that is humanity. And how we ca be the best version we know of ourselves so far.

Practical, spiritual, connecting and at the same time aimed at you, at me as an individual. Reading I get the sense she talks directly to me, the only one I have control over, the only one I never want to disappoint. Because no matter what happens, I will always be with myself.

I just need to believe there is a WE somewehere out there, either helping me through mu hard things or doing their own hard things while I do mine. This is hard. We can do hard things Then I do them.

- Glennon Doyle

Because of the short chapters, there is always a time when I can put it away. But I don't want to put the book away, even now that I've finished it. It is worth rereading. And above all, it's worth trying out from my Knowing to be brave and show the latest version of who I am to the world.

I was doing a drawing of Dhyana with her child and found this quote from Glennon Doyle:

Here’s to The Untamed: May we know them. May we raise them. May we love them. May we read them. May we elect them. May we be them.

If we hadn't started yet, we should definitely start doing this now. Now, now that the world needs The Untamed more than ever.

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