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procrastination during quarantine

I have been at home for 3 weeks now. Three weeks in which I managed to combine my work with my home life enough to at least send some e-mails and handle some phone calls. Three weeks in which I managed to have my children at least empty the dishwasher in the morning and eat at least 6 bites of dinner in the evening. Furthermore, it is playing, playing, playing and solving a lot of fights. But actually I am proud of myself when it comes to keeping my kids busy.

Yet there was more on my list.

I also had a study yoga, with an exam tomorrow. I also wanted to read more, clean my house like a true Marie Kondo, optimize my household and master complicated culinary recipes.

My excuses why this has not yet succeeded:

  • Study: I read my notes to my dictaphone. Now I can listen to my own podcast about my own studies while I paint. So I paint.

  • Reading: This week I found out I can also have a book read aloud via an app, so I don't have to hold the actual book and so I can just paint.

  • Marie Kondoing the house: I am now at the paperwork and craft cabinet part and I came across a set of brushes and beautiful sheets of paper that are very nice when painting, I discovered.

  • Housekeeping: My kids can empty and fill the dishwasher and clean their own room, as long as they don't, I don't have to do it either, right? Time to paint some.

  • Cooking: You are not allowed to run errands with children anymore, they are too young to go alone, so errands is my guy. He could not find half or more of the products. So now I started painting.

  • Extra reason to procrastinate: Social media recommends learning something new, so I found a youtube course on landscape painting. Now I can at least paint.

My children now also want to paint more. You would think that I can join in next to them. Unfortunately. When they paint I have to scrub more, keep in mind that the paint goes to paper, brushes are washed out well and my tube of white white paint is preserved. So now I paint when they watch TV.

We are already 3 films further. ;)

Tonight we eat pizza, I don't feel like cooking.

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