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Review january

After this day the first month is completed. I have been able to take the first steps towards achieving my goals in 2020.

My first goal for this year is to organize a yoga art day this year.

To achieve this, I have to complete my yoga teacher training positively and give yoga classes.

This month I was able to take some major steps in my studies and I accepted the offer to start a yoga class every Friday at a sports center in the area. It is up to a group of around 18 people between the ages of 35 and 66. They have been familiar with Vinyasa yoga for a long time, the variant that I study. They were very enthusiastic when I was introduced to them.

My second goal is to publish an e-book.

I have written something every day. It didn't matter what I wrote but that I wrote. This is to activate my creativity.

This month I also made the choice which NaNoWriMo story I am going to rewrite this year. I printed out the story and started to re-read it.

I took the cards from the game Dixit to inspire me to a new short story. Read here on the site soon!

My third goal was to develop a stationary art paper box. This goal needs more attention in the coming month. I have been busy with a brainstorming session and started playing with materials. I notice that I do like mixed media art. I also played with making collages. But it has not yet progressed beyond free play.

In addition, I made some boredom art during my son's swimming lessons, I put a letter on instagram every Monday and I meditated almost every day.

But I also draw from photo's, something I don't immediately find creative from the heart. The thing is, I really like to draw pictures and then color them in with watercolors. There is nothing wrong with that in itself. Could I also use such drawings in the design of a stationary box? Or is that plagiarism?

These questions are worth considering.

I am really looking forward to the new month. I am going to give yoga classes, I want to draw and continue writing stories, both Some tea with a house and my short stories. And make nice collages. An old hobby that got new life this month. Do you fancy February?

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