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Next goal in progress

As you may have seen on Instagram, I took my theory exam for yoga teacher training. It was an intensive test, like vinyasa yoga can be intensive. Hard questions and long answers (one answer even filled up a whole A4) Although I don't have a result yet, a burden fals off my shoulders. Suddenly I'm not procrastinating anymore. I get things done.

It's time to focus on my other goal: the stationary art paper box. The latter in particular received little attention at the beginning of this year. I kept putting it off because I still had too many research questions for it.

  • How about printing your own bullet journal?

  • How expensive is the shipping?

  • How do I make my own washi tape?

This week I opened up to new answers from the Universe. The following things came to me:

So I know that this idea is still waiting for its becomming and now that my holidays are canceled I have time to spare.

I immediately started with listen to the audio of Marie's book. It is full of practical tips on how to research ideas and ultimately realize them. It is only the first week, but I am really looking forward to the coming week, with a long Easter weekend in which I can make time to work things out. I also have some questions for my followers that I will ask on Instagram. You can help me tremendously with your answers. I'll keep you informed on my progress.

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