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Happinez Magazine

I have a subscription to the Happinez Magazine.

I have a subscription of the magazine since the second issue was released in 2003. I received the first issue from my father during Christmas. I loved the beautiful style, the beautiful photos and the articles that gave me an insight into a way of thinking that seemed open and spiritual to me.

Almost all numbers have been saved, whether I have cut and torn it or not. So some are no longer beautiful. But especially since I am in a relationship with a man who likes to keep things, they are nicely piled up on a shelf that is now called the "happinez shelf". The board is having a hard time, because they are now quite a few magazines.

Even though the magazines are beautiful, there are two thoughts that have occurred to me now that I recently looked at them.

One is even a bit older, it pops up every year, namely: do I still want to be a member of the magazine? Most stories are quite similar to those from 15 years ago. Islam is nuanced, Buddha's lessons have been achieved by different people who have written different books about it and even though you do not go to church, you can still become spiritually aware.

No matter how beautiful the magazine is, I hardly read it. So to remain a member for that now?

The next question is whether I should just grab one and then be inspired by new drawings, artworks or beautiful designs for something new. Very nice. The photos in it are certainly inspiring. But I do not want the recognizable work from the happinez that I have taken over. Wouldn't I look for my form of creativity from the heart?

Wait a minute. I'll just play with the colours and impressions from the magine. A friend gave me an Art Journal for my birthday. There I will make mood boards, design pages and art. For fun, but who knows as a stepping stone to new stationery and beautiful washi tape design.

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