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Goals 2020; new update

Wow, the huge steps I have taken in my three goals! In this blog I want to give you an update on which steps I have taken in the past month.

My three goals for this year are:

1. Organize a Yoga Art Day.

2. Publish my own e-book

3. Design a stationary art paper box

To give a yoga art day, I thought I should be able to teach yoga in a safe way. This month I take my last exam to be a registered 200 hour yoga teacher. I am also in consultation about a beautiful location in nature and there is now a date when the day retreat will happen: October 24, 2020.

I'm already excited.

I did a lot of research about publishing my own e-book. It looks easier than I thought in January.

Rewriting has had a flow over the past week that I have enjoyed so much! My test readers got some chapters. That’s a little bit scary, but I did it anyway.

It makes the book more genre oriented, the characters are richer and I have been able to add more nuance and depth to the story. I am also really looking forward to making drawings with it. Would you like to see it too?

It is clear to me that there is still a lot to figure out if you want to do this: bring out a prescription box. But everything is figureoutable, so I remain enthusiastic. I already have a beautiful design ready, learned a lot about printing my own washi tape and yes, it will certainly include letter paper!

Great to look at the development of my yearly goals. How's your goals for 2020 going?

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