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In some old blogs I was complaining about everything I didn't get done? Hubby reminded me of an old tip: make an Did-it-list and it turns out, I've actually done quite a lot in the past 5 weeks! * 4 books read, * 8 new drawings made and 10 quotes handlettered * made some nice designs for my stationarybox * a lot of my Marie-Kondo-list checked off, that means a lot of stuff cleaned up, thrown away and offered for sale or sold already! * Tried 9 new dishes, 4 prepared with the children * 4 x cake and 2x muffins baked (usually with the kids) * Watched 2 Netflix series (maybe not an achievement but I will add it anyway) * gardened (I will stick with it, I have no green fingers, two pots now have dead plants already) * 4 times major bathroom clean scrubbing and 4 times major kitchen cleaning done * Some tea with a house please completely read and rewritten the first chapter * I did a painting tutorial about vistas * passed yoga theory exam!!! * made 12 smoothies (3 types, because kids don't like variation) * made and printed 3 photo books * read and written every day * made and sent my own yoga video, my boss even gave me a sweet message when it was online on Facebook

And in between I also worked from home, because my own job continued from home. Also a nice number: my children watched Frozen II 26 times in 5 weeks. While they did I read on the terrace, enjoying a coffee and crackers or a smoothie, a favorite and well-deserved mommy break.

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