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Creative during quarantine

The world is under the spell of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. More and more people are advised to stay at home. Companies, institutions and sometimes also schools are closing their doors. Also people who have no symptoms, but have been in contact with people who have or could have, are advised to stay home.

There you are, you feel physically healthy, but mentally you have to stay sane during these crazy times. Suddenly you are only allowed to do so little. Around you you see how people get anxious, you only hear the bad messages on the news. And your thoughts start to get negative as well.

So I made a list of 35 things you can do while sitting at home that can help give your feeling a place or prioritize even more pleasant thoughts:

  1. There is finally time to tidy up your house

  2. Get brush and paint and start painting

  3. Take your pen and put it on paper. Keep writing until you feel a little less anxious.

  4. Pet your pet

  5. Do yoga (possibly with your pet), Yoga Online gives away two weeks of free yoga at home.

  6. Bake a cake and celebrate life

  7. Call people and ask if you want to tell the craziest story they've ever experienced

  8. Draw dots until you see something in your drawing.

  9. Lie on the couch with your head down and your legs in the air

  10. Finally time to Bingewatch

  11. Play games, where you control all the colours

  12. Read a good book that was still waiting for your bedside table

  13. Create a quarantine playlist on spotify with your favorite turn-up numbers

  14. Create weekly menus for all weeks when you can go back to the store for groceries.

  15. Put those stickers that you found when cleaning up, all in a booklet

  16. Make a seasonal table of stuff you happened to find when cleaning up

  17. Write that book you ever wanted to do

  18. Remove the fluff from between your toes

  19. Make smoothie

  20. Meditate

  21. Play shadow games as soon as the sun shines in

  22. Play with your children's toys, or with your own toys from the past

  23. Make a mandala out of everything from home

24. Go for a walk. Make pictures of the spring flowers you see.

26. Take two objects of different length. Take a picture of these two things so that they appear to be the same size.

27. Finally make that (digital) photo book.

28. Learn a new language

29. Put on a nice dance number and dance with your eyes closed.

30. Record your own podcast (and share it with others if necessary)

31. Slide your buttocks down the stairs

32. Write down your own name in as many ways as possible.

33. Write a poem where each sentence starts with a letter from Corona.

Care and wash your hands

Our health is our wealth

Reach out to the ones you love

Organise love and compassion

No one is left behind

As kindness will save us all

34. Slide your buttocks down the stairs

35. Make this list even longer and share your ideas on social media.

Wash your hands.

And whatever your situation is, I wish you love, creativity and strength in these uncertain times.



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