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being creative during swimming lessons

Maybe you are also a mother and your child goes to swimming lessons. I don't know how you feel about it, but I think it's too hot to sit there doing nothing.

My son is now in swimgroup 3, whatever that means. At the very least, it means that we parents are kindly requested to sit on top of the gallery. To watch. But the grandstand is the hottest place in the pool. And there I am, for 45 minutes, swetting and puffing. With a tired toddler who watches little videos on my phone, just to get some slack.

But what can I do? When I watch my son, I am mainly tormented by the fact that my son makes jokes, paws or spatters around instead of doing what the swim teacher says. (I don't have such a good child in the pool for that matter) Other parents are using their phone, but I don't have my phone, it is used for movies.

Last time, I had pen and paper with me. Just to see what comes of it. Well, I did some doodling!

This way it becomes a creative moment.

Maybe I will put pen and paper in the swimming bag as standard.

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