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A day for myself

Finally, I had a day for myself. Really for myself. No yoga training day, no children, no appointments. (Even when those things sometimes also feels as a day for me-time)

But what a lovely invite for lunch with friends. And the therapist really could only see me this day, otherwise it would be next month.

No worries. I’ve got time.

Don’t forget homework to become a yoga teacher.

And do the household.

And groceries.

Don’t forget to bring back the delivery to the mailman.

And I like to do some creativity.

And watch some episodes of a funny series

Whether I can also pick up the children a little earlier from daycare? Uh ...

So a day for myself was lost in tasks that were left behind during the days full of appointments and my own day was absorbed by my own to do list. My list is so long that I no longer see what has priority. Do I have to do more about self-care or does it take care that the house is in order again? If I want to eat tonight I will have to do some shopping. And meeting up with friends is also self-care if they are sweet, warm people who give you an energy boost to get a lighter day in life.

The day for myself is over and it went just as fast as my weekend days and my workdays. Did I do something? Yes and no.

And to the question "Did I have a day for myself?" I cannot answer at all. In this case it is not a yes or no. Something in between with the insight that I need more days like this to end up with a day for myself where I can put aside the things that need to be done.

Do you have any tips?

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