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2020, here I am

How was your new years eve?

I spent the last day of the old year drawing and playing with my youngest daughter. It was very relaxed and easy going. In the evening I plays some games with friends.

And now here is the new year. I really look forward to it.

This time no 20 goals for 2020, but only 3 big goals.

As I wrote in this blog, I learned a lot from my goals in 2019, especially the ones I didn't achieve. That is why I am focusing on 3 goals this year and these have been subdivided into sub-steps to reach them.

Goal 1: Yoga Art Day

I like to set up and teach a yoga art day, where you can join me to combine yoga and art. It seems like a great day to organize, teach and experience. What it will look like now is still in my head, but this year it will become reality!

Goal 2: Story Art E-book

I have participated 8 times in NaNoWriMo, I have written notebooks full of stories! This year I will take the plunge and make a story ready for Kindle. Yes, that means rewriting! (I deliberately always avoided that) And I also want to draw about it.

Goal 3: Stationary Art Paper Box

Two years ago I designed my own stationery (paper for letters) and had it published. That actually tastes like more. This year I will investigate and play with the idea of designing a stationary box.

All nice things that have to do with creating. While listening to the YogaGirl podcast about setting intention for this year, I came to this artwork:

Create from the heart. Because that is the most important thing for me; that I create my own content. From myself, from the heart.

What are your plans, intentions and / or goals for this year? I'm really curious! Let's inspire each other.

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