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what I learned this year

Last year I did 18 for 2018 and at the en dof the year I checked of all the boxes. I just tapped one goal after the other. I was in good spirits to do it again in 2019.

So I again set 19 goals. This time things didn't work out for me. I think you learn the most from something that fails.

So here is my list of what I learned this year from my 19 goals:


1. I don't drink enough water. Even though I had the goal of drinking 2019 glasses of water, some time after the summer I stopped tracking my drinking and I know why. Because I don't drink enough water. I like water, but I reather choose tea. Or for something with more taste if I get the chance. The vegetable Barista milk varieties have also increased my coffee (cappuccino) intake enormously. I love the delicous tast. Certainly a habit that I have to change. But not this year.


2. I have too many loose projects. My craft cupboard, desk and two shelves in the kitchen are filled with projects. Not convenient. Doing Marie Kondo-style only gives me another project. Just because I can do all the work at ones (something with having kids and another job). So that doesn't work either. I want to tackle this idea of ​​too many projects that require my attention next year. At least no more 20 at a time.


3. Writing in a notebook is wonderful. But not if I want to do NaNoWriMo in addition to my busy job, education, family and household. Next year I will again say YES to NaNoWriMo wholeheartedly, but then we just write the words on the computer.


4. A Yoga Teacher Training takes more time than I had planned. And I had a schedule where the flexibility was completely filtered out. Not handy because life happens and that never goes according to plan. So now my studyplanning is by week, not by day.


5. My own definition of veganism: the process that a person goes through with the discovery that some systems do not work and the choice is made to no longer participate in this, but cannot fully withdraw from society as a person.


6. I am not a person of keeping photo albums, letters and storage boxes for my children. This does not make me a bad mother.


7. You should not measure what you do out of kindness. Period!


8. I don't need a moonjournal to do self-research. Even though this year I have a beautiful document, next year I will no longer do a moonjournal.


9. I am very jealous of all those self-publishing people around me. I want that too!


10. A watercolor book is not suitable for watercolor paint!


11. I am a blogger in my head.

Not all goals achieved does not mean a bad year. I had a very good year. I have achieved three goals (almost four). That's great. And I did many other nice things too! I'm just looking forward to the new year. What about you?

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