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2019 glasses of water

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So this year I challenge myself to drink more water. But before I do drink a lot more, I read some articles about drinking more water.

Most of us know that drinking less water is not good.

You get a dry mouth. You can not concentrate well. Suddenly you have an inexplicable appetite for food. The pooping becomes difficult. You feel dull, dizzy and have more headaches or pain in other places.

But what if I would drink a lot of water. I can become nauseous. Even then I might get a headache or other pains. My breathing may start to squeal and my consciousness will become less. In the worst case, I get problems with my heart and I can get into a coma.

Serious consequences, I can say. But when do I drink too much? At 5 glasses a day? Six glasses?

Water poisoning, water intoxication or hyponatraemia occurs when too much water and too little sodium is taken. This does not only apply to water, but also to soft drinks or a hypotonic sports drink.

It differs per person how many liters of water you can drink without getting a water poisoning. It is true that healthy kidneys can process about 8 to 10 liters of fluid per day. When someone drinks much more or a lot in a very short period of time, the body can no longer cope with it. On average, you should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.

Okay, good to know this. And now my calculation:

I want to drink 2019 glasses of water. That's 5 to 6 glasses a day. Or water bottles. I have two caps. There can be about 400 ml of water in it. 400 ml times 6 is 2400 ml, so over 2 l per day. It is more than average, but still within the healthy margin. And I do not drink everything within an hour, but divide it over the day.

Do I also drink something else? Oh yes! Tea, cappuchino (with vegan barista milk!) Or a juice. But to achieve my goal, I really have to think more water. I even put a water reminder app on my phone.

Now about peeing a lot ... man, what to do with all that peeing from so much water!

What the other results are? No idea, I think I can say something about that after half a year.

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