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Buddha Journaling

“The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be.” ~Shakti Gawain

Maybe you have heard of biblejournaling. It is a trend among Christian youth in the Netherlands. Sometimes cautious texts and drawings, in the margin. Then again exuberant, in bright colors all over the text. They make really nice things!

Ik think they are right. If you can combine what you love, do it! (for example your Bible and your creativity) And you can have read a text hundreds of times, but if you get creative with it, you'll remember it better. It becomes a part of you.

And then I read the book The thing you can see only when you slow down van Haemin Sunim. It had a lot of sentences to give you a lot of thought.

I have read the whole book, but I am sure that the lyrics have not yet come in like some things can come to me when I get creative with them.

So this is my challenge for 2019. I start with buddhajournaling.

I want to read the texts again. I like to draw, paint, write and make art about what I've read.

To make the text really come through to me, I write a piece every time and make a work of art in my book.

I had one leuchtturm1917 left and secretly always wanted to play in such an expensive book. I see girls on Instagram make the most amazing things in their notebooks with paint, stamps and other stuff. They make it a real artjournal until the notebook falls apart.

Become this my first notebook that falls apart from artsy grandeur?

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