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The new moon

In May 2018 I read Lunar Abundance by Dr. Ezzie Spencer for the first time. It is about journal during the moon cycle and focussing on the abundance in your life. After that she helps you writing about expending this abundance so you can work on your dream life.

From the moment I opened the first page I loved it. It's so colorful designed and easy reading. But I did not execute the exercises. I did not start a moon journal. I was a little bit afraid I think. I don't know why exactly, but it had something to do with; what happens if it works.

And that's where the challenge came in. I knew after I read the whole book I wanted to do it for my 19 for 2019. It was my first goal for the next year. It was may. But even after writing 20 different lists for my 19 for 2019, Lunar Abundance was on it.

And now it had begun. The new moon was on January 5. I had chosen my notebook (fuchsia colored). I had all set out my planning for this year. I was willing to do this. And then live happend. I did the exercise in the train! Well half of the exercise. It was awkward. It was exciting. It was so out of my comfort zone. But the intention that came out of my journalling was so... so me... so what I really need. So I am happy. I know it is not like the book said you should do your intention setting at the new moon. But that is okey. I have eleven other new moons to do it over.

Let's have a wonderful moon. Hope to see her light soon.

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