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A chaotic beginning

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great New Years Eve and full of energy for the new goals you set for this year.

I just managed to finish all my goals in time in 2018. Meanwhile, I had made a list of possible goals for 2019 in my head and on all my devices. But a definitive list still wasn't there in the end of December because I have too many ideas had what I wanted to do in 2019. And then on December 31 I chose the 19 that felt good at that moment. I agreed with myself that as soon as a challenge no longer served me, I could always change it.


But that's why I had no time to adjust my website for 2019. I even did not have much time to prepare my bullet journal for 2019. So this is what is going to happen: I'm setting up my trackers and making my website ready.

One of my challenges this year is writing 100 blogs. Not only 19. That is too little I noticed. I want to tell you about my high and lows this year. About how it really works to work with challenges for a year. What I get from it and what I have to give for it. Enough material for a 100 blogs, I think. Of course I tell you a lot on Instagram and Facebook, but there is not enough room to go deeper into it. I want to use this blog for that.

This is my first blog of the year. Take a look around in this chaotic part of the internet. My pictures and links are not working yet, but to achieve my goal of blogging this year, you will find an adaptation to this website every blog.

I would prefer to work on all 19 goals at once. But it is January 3, I have to work again for my employer, my children also need their attention and chores are there to be done. But every day, even for a moment ... I've also come a long way in previous years.

So I toast to a good new year in which I can make little and big steps, one at a time. You can do too.

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