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Making art while carrying my babygirl

My daughter was born in September 2016. Being a mum I got limitlessly head over heels in love with her. She was a quiet baby thus doing so she indicated exactly what she needed. After we got used to one another, I found myself occasionally needing to create some art again. My creative mind obviously longed to give vent to writing, drawing, painting, etc.

Sleeping in her bed was fine as long as it was night and I was beside her. It was like she needed to smell me while sleeping; otherwise she decided that it was not her bedtime. So I made sure I always had her close to me.

Luckily, I had learned after the birth of my son that carrying your child with a sling was ideal to free your hands for all sorts of activities in and around the house. So, after a refresher course for me with the support consultant, this sweet child went in the woven wrap. Wonderfull, I had my hands free for...

... drawing, painting, creative challenges, writing and so much more. My creative mind did overtime. During my nighttime feedings, I even had my notebook (digitally or on paper) handy for the many ideas.

I did some discoveries, during my creative endeavors with my baby girl wrapped close to me.

• The wrap gets dirty in no time. I have two 100% cotton woven wraps. The easy way is that you throw them into the washing machine and they are clean again. The paint I use is water based, so the washer makes everything clean.

• A kitchen apron and baby cap proves useful. So the head remains clear fro the small splashes and smudges.

• A little something does not matter. If my little girl wants to drink, she wants it right now and she is not very patient, until I feel like it. I sometimes really had to tear myself from my workflow. Not funny, but necessary.

• I prefer to work standing. I need to move, swag, wobble and walk around.

• I sing while working, just for her. She loves my voice and so I sing, sometimes pianissimo, about what I am doing, about colors and shapes, mixed with Disney songs and nursery rhymes. Sometimes singing influences my being focused though. I might have to learn, that this is no big deal.

• Believe me, no matter how well she grows and how easygoing she is, I also have days when there is no time and space for a creative activities. I sometimes find this hard to accept, but I know it is all in the game.

I for one am very happy that I have the opportunity to carry my baby girl wrapped to me, so I can create moments for my artistic talents.

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