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My 17 goals for 2017

upcomming 2017

It was last November when I found the story about “the 16 for 2016”. You plan to achieve 16 goals at the beginning of the year and intend to realize them within this year. It was a way to get motivated to start your new year. By the end of the year you evaluate to see what you have realized. The goals were divided into categories. Personal development, health, work, relationships, creative, community work, things you experienced very exciting, etc. People who assigned themselves 16 projects for 2016 took notes in their journals in order to record their progress. These journals are a pleasure to read, their stories are brave, but also hilarious. (brave= serious?)

That is what I wanted for 2017!

I wanted to get my creative and personal development purposefully engaged in 2017. But the wish list was getting longer rand longer while writing. And eventually the list seemed endless. Thus, it was never achievable. Let alone that some goals were vague as “be healthier”, “spend more time with my family” and “be focused while I’m working” (I still want that, but don’t know how to make that happen). Or some goals seemed unreachable: exhibit new works of art, not to mention: lose 12 kg.

Goals should be as specific as possible, I know. Only then you can find the first action, the first step to achieve that goal. So, I looked at my wish list and rewrote 17 goals for the upcoming year. Not that the others were not important, but these 17 were my 17 goals for 2017. These goals would be my guideline throughout next year.

One was more concrete than others, but eventually I had 17, I was pleased with. Every day I'm going to do one or some more. Every day is a step in the direction of achieving 17 goals in 365 days. In my notebook I intend to keep track of how things go.

The blogs of next year I will take you through these 17 goals, my bummers and my achievements. Also on social media I shall focus on this. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat and Twitter.

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